How and When do I Receive My Photos?

You will receive your high resolution digital images via a secure personalized online gallery for you to download and share. The lead time to process your images is between 2-3 weeks.

What to Wear?

I always tell my clients to be themselves and wear what makes them feel good. It is very important that everyone be authentic to whom they are. Coordinate less - and embrace the diversity of taste and style. I do advise - staying away from big patterns, stripes, graphics and bright colors.

Do You Shoot Indoors?

I do shoot indoors - if good natural light is abundant. However - I mostly shoot outdoors - or a combination of both.

What if it Rains?

We are lucky here in Los Angeles that the weather is mostly sunny and nice all year round - However we do have occasional rain and this can be unpredictable sometimes. I try to plan ahead and check the forecast for the day of the shooting. In case of poor weather - we can always reschedule.

Do You Charge Hourly?

No - I have a set fee for a given photo session. I make sure that I don't leave the session - until I have desired images in hand.

Do I Have to Order Prints Through You?

You can if you wish through my online store - Otherwise you are free to download the images and print them at your lab of choice.

Would You Photoshop an Image / Remove Unfavorable Mark?

All of the images are professionally color edited - yet not photo shopped to make any body/ feature changes. For any reason - if this has to be done - there is an additional fee of $15 per image to be photo edited.

What if My Child or Pet are Uncooperative?

As a mother of two boys - I totally understand the challenges of restless kids, tantrums, and a snack break. I do come prepared - with little surprises and funny jokes -that will hopefully put everyone at ease - and allow for the session to be successful.

Do You Shoot Outside of Los Angeles?

Yes I do - There is an additional fee - Depending on the location.