My main goal in school photography is to deliver a special experience to the families by having each child express themselves in their unique and individualized way.

Dear Sunshine Preschool Families,

My name is Beyoona and I am excited to have the opportunity to photograph your children and provide a more personal and unique experience to the families who attend school.

What is Fine Art School Photography?

Fine Art School Photography is a new modern approach to school photography, allowing kids to be themselves and express who they are without a forced smile.

Example of photos are in the link below:

When is Picture Day?

Tuesday, October 19th

What should your child wear?

I would advise staying away from graphics tee's and bright neon colors. Solid colors photograph best. But your child being comfortable is the most important thing.

How to order?

Two weeks after picture day you will receive an email with a private personalized gallery of your child. Each child will have between 3-5 images professionally edited in color and black and white. You will be able to choose which picture to print- you will have multiple packages and a la-cart print products, you will also have the option to purchase a wrapped Canvas and high resolution digital files. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED WITHIN A 10 DAY PERIOD.

Once orders are placed your photos will be delivered to your school within 4 weeks.

What are the product prices?

Package A ($25)

1 x (8 Wallet)

2 x (5x7)

1 x (5x7 -Class Group Picture)

Package B ($45)

1 x (4 Wallet)

2 x (3x5)

2 x (5x7)

1 x (8 x10)

1 x (5x7 -Class Group Picture)

Package C ($55)

1 x (4 Wallet)

2 x (3x5)

2 x (5x7)

1 x (8 x10)

1 x (5x7 -Class Group Picture)

A la-Cart Prints

3x5 $3

4 Wallet $4

8 Wallet $8

4x6 $6

5x7 $8

8x10 $12

16x20 $25

Group(5x7) $8

Wrapped Canvas

8x10 $85

16 x20 $130

Acrylic Block 5x7

Free Standing Acrylic Block $75

Digital file downloads:

One image - $25

All the images - $75

There is no cost for the school. 10% of my profit will go directly to Sunshine Preschool. The school will also receive digital files of all the students and staff images for them to use in their year book or any marketing upon parents consents.

Any further questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact me via Email: if you have any questions.