Dear parents,

My name is Beyoona Fahid, my son, Kian Fahid, is a Freshman at Loyola. I am grateful to have the opportunity to capture your boys for the Mothers' Guild Luncheon. The sessions were fun and full of laughter and I found myself lucky to have a glimpse of the boys personality in front of my lens. I am excited to share the images with you all.

Please follow these steps to view your images:

  1. Click on the link :
  2. Sign in using your email address and the password football2023
  3. Once you are in the gallery, you can view your son's images.
  4. Please note that you will receive ONE 5x7 Print at the gala and ONE FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of your choice.
  5. Click on the heart Icon next to the ONE photo you wish to receive as a digital file. I will see on my end the photo you've favored and will send you the image via the email address you've entered.
  6. If you wish to purchase more digital files or prints - please click on the print store icon on the top right corner.
  7. Please Note - the Gallery will expire on May 14th and you won't be able to access the images after that date.
  8. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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